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The Vision of KR


Born in Ivanhoe, NC 1983

Professional Career Began in 2013

Licensed by  Kelvin D. Robinson, this photography company is on the rise. In 2014 Mr. Robinson realized that he had a talent for capturing precious moments in a frame (photo frame). He began to hone his skill through practice and classes. Year after year he upgrades his equipment to provide the latest technology available to his clients so that their photos are remembered for a lifetime. He provides affordable rates/packaging to fully capture those moments in an innovative way. His belief is that quality shouldn’t be expensive. It should be obtainable for everyone to enjoy a lasting experience. Life is about happiness and capturing those moments with smiles.

Mr. Robinson has built a legacy by providing high quality imaging & video photographers. From high quality products, fast “turn-around’ rates, and most importantly…affordability - KR has been an industry  favorite and growing in popularity.  The company is owned by President Kelvin D. Robinson. In 2015 Vice President Danual T. Smith joined the team. He began training with Mr. Robinson. He is now an experienced second shooter on the team.  The vision and goal is to give clients something that they can remember for a lifetime.

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